Disney has announced that there will be major changes to the Disability Access Service this summer. Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland will be altering how the DAS system is run to tackle usage abuse and ensure those who truly need the service can benefit.

The DAS system allows those with a disability or ailment to enjoy the parks without having to wait in long lines. While this currently covers a wide range of conditions, Disney is implementing changes to ensure the system is most effective.

These changes take place from 20th May at Walt Disney World and from 18th June at Disneyland.

Main Changes to the DAS System

The new guidelines restrict the DAS system to those with a “developmental disability like autism or similar,” who are unable to wait in a queue system for an extended period. The new system will also reduce the DAS party number to four immediate family members only, except for minors. No medical records or doctor’s notes will be required.

For other guests with physical disabilities who may have previously benefited from the DAS system, Disney will introduce a “return to queue” process to allow them to reenter the queue after using the restroom, etc. More details about this system will be introduced closer to the launch.

Guests visiting Walt Disney World must meet virtually with a Cast Member before arriving to determine eligibility. Day-of registration must also be done via virtual chat. At Disneyland, guests can meet virtually with a Cast Member before arrival or day-of at the Accessibility Services window.

Another important thing to note: current DAS guests will need to reapply, however, ride selections will still be available through the My Disney Experience and Disneyland app. DAS enrollment will also increase from 60 days to 120 days.

Disney is Targeting DAS Abuse

These new changes will attempt to provide a better service for those who truly need the DAS pass and prevent the DAS system from being abused. Disney officials shared that DAS usage in the parks has tripled in the past five years – we’ve seen huge Lightning Lane queues, which practically renders both services ineffective.

Disney has shared that they will be working with Inspire Health Alliance's health professionals to help Cast Members – when necessary – determine a guest's eligibility for the DAS system. New processes will be put in place before implementing these new rules on 20th May at Walt Disney World and 18th June at Disneyland.