After spending the last couple of weeks teasing original characters for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, Disney has shared the final group of new critters.

Disney previously revealed Zydeco and Rara bands, but these fun frogs play Afro-Cuban jazz. This menagerie of sounds reflects exactly what you would hear when wandering the streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Tiana's Afro-Cuban Frog Band

Felipe is the piano-playing band leader who also owns an exclusive bayou nightclub, where the coolest fireflies in town love to spend their evenings. Mayra is an adorable critter who plays the flower blossom like a trumpet, while loveable Mondo accidentally started playing the conga drums after a bottle cap got stuck on an acorn.

Isabel is the youngest and only Green Tree Frog of the bunch. She loves going with the flow and giving her all on the conga drums.

Disney also teased a couple of other frog critters, Gloria and Delores. They might not be part of the band but they’ll join guests as they float down the bayou in logs.

These critters will be coming to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The official opening date of this ride is yet to be revealed at either park, although now Disney has shared these characters, plus a teaser of the ride queue, we expect to hear more news very soon.