The new, super-immersive Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel is coming to Walt Disney World in the year 2021. Here’s everything that we know so far!

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser is a 2-night, extremely immersive experience where guests get to live their own Star Wars story. Guests who previously booked this experience will first enter through a terminal and into a real launch pod. The launch pod blasts into space and travels to the giant ship where the will stay for the next two days. During your adventure, you will train with lightsabers, meet your favourite characters, and much more.

Important Lingo That You Need:

Halcyon: This is the official name of the spaceship on which guests will board for their immersive, 2-night Star Wars journey. Think of it like when you book a Disney Cruise. Yes, it is all through the same Disney Cruise Line, but your actual ship may be called either the Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, Disney Dream, or Disney Fantasy.

Atrium: The atrium is the heart of the Halcyon. It is the main hub, or hotel lobby, if you will. This is where crew and passengers meet each other and possibly begin their journey.

Bridge: The Bridge is where a lot of the cool stuff happens. It is where crew and passengers operate the ship’s navigation and defence systems.

Engineering Room: The Engineering Room is technically crew-only. However, some guests may be able to “sneak in” and see the inner workings of the Halcyon.

Silver C Lounge: A themed eatery similar to Oga’s Cantina in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but is available for all ages.

Passenger Cabin: This is a fancy, themed nickname for the individual hotel rooms where guests will stay. One of the coolest parts: your windows will let you see just outside the ship, into “outer space!”