Knott’s Berry Farm is always so much fun, but you will be glad you read these Knott’s Berry Farm Tips before your visit!

The Best Route: To best avoid the crowds of the day, start in the back of the park with HangTime and Xcelerator. Then, move clockwise. It is the least common route. Plus, HangTime and Xcelerator usually have long lines later in the day, but not in the morning.

Should you get a Season Pass? This depends. If you plan to visit the park more than 2-3 times that year, then it could be well worth it. However, if you aren’t sure and/or it is later in the year, it might not be worth it. Knott’s season passes are only valid from January to January, not 365 days from the initial purchase as usual.

Save Money on Parking: Book a hotel within walking distance of the park that includes free parking, and WiFi. Or, purchase an annual pass—you’ll get free parking.

Should you buy a FastLane Pass? You should only need a FastLane Pass if you plan to visit during the busiest times of the year—summer, Knott’s Merry Farm or Knott’s Scary Farm. You can also purchase a FastLane Pass on the day if you feel you need it. Then, If it’s not too crowded, you can use that money for something else! Also, only the “thrill-seekers” need one.

Register Your Child. If you are going to Knott’s with a young child, especially if they are rowdy or like to run off, visit the information building. You can register your child there in case you lose them throughout the day. If that child is seen with any other adult besides your regular party, procedures are done to return that child safely to the parent or guardian.

Least expensive tickets. The least expensive, official tickets are available online on the day of your planned arrival. If you don’t mind waiting, purchase them at that time.

We hope these Knott’s Berry Farm tips were helpful!