Snow White’s Scary Adventures was an original Disneyland attraction. However, it is currently under a major refurbishment. For now, the ride’s re-opening is planned for Spring 2020. Here’s why we’re excited to see the results.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures History

As aforementioned, Snow White’s Scary Adventures was an opening-day attraction at Disneyland. Well, technically…a ride called “Snow White’s Adventures” was there when the park opened in 1955. Yes, it was still basically the same ride, but why the name change? Apparently, the ride was too frightening. Guest thought they were going on a magical journey with the first Disney Princess along with singing animals, beautiful colours, and happily ever after.

While there were some songs and beautiful colours, there were a few things missing: a positive tone, happily ever after, and even Snow White herself. The stories of the Fantasyland dark rides were initially supposed to be told through the perspective of the main character, so riders would feel like they were Snow White herself. Obviously, she wouldn’t run into herself in her own story, so she was not in the first version. After some complaints from guests about this, the name was officially changed with the addition of the word “scary.” And later, Snow White was also added. But, why does it need a major refurbishment, now?

It needs a facelift.

Not only is the ride old, but the movie is too. It was the very first Disney film ever made. Let’s face it. The animatronics and visuals look a little dingey, drab and run-down. It's in need of a facelift.

It is not worthy of a Princess.

Snow White is the princess of all princesses. But her ride is not. If you ride the nearby Peter Pan’s Flight or Alice in Wonderland, the colours are vibrant. The story is magical, silly, and happy. That just isn’t the case with Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

The weird, random, and almost comically abrupt ending.

If you have never experienced the attraction for yourself, here is a play-by-play of the last few moments before guests stepped out of their vehicles and back into Fantasyland. Just like in the movie, the Evil Queen/Old Hag gives Snow White the poisoned apple. Guests see the Dwarfs chasing the Hag up a cliff on a stormy night. Then, the car goes under the cliff and through a door to see a mural of Snow White and the Prince that reads “And They Lived Happily Ever After.” Yep. That’s it. You did not accidentally skip a scene. That is just it.

Why We Are Excited to See the End Results

Okay, maybe we have been razzing Snow White’s Scary Adventures for a little bit. But we really love it. They plan to change the finale to include a less abrupt ending. There will be a new set of animatronic Snow White and the Prince at the end, as well. So there will be more of Snow White in her ride. We have also heard, although this is just a rumour for now, that the ride will be less gloomy.

We were a little worried before that we might lose the ride altogether since it was so old and outdated. We would have been heartbroken to lose a fun ride that is also an original Disneyland attraction. So we are excited to know that not only is it getting a touch-up, but the refurbishment likely means it will be around for a while longer.