Now that the dust has settled on Nemesis Reborn, the UK coaster community (and, in fact, many enthusiasts from around the world) turns its attention to the country's next big addition... literally.

Hyperia officially became the UK's tallest roller coaster when it was topped off last month after a year of construction. Now, standing at an incredible 236ft tall, this Mack giant enters the record books and knocks The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach off its lofty perch, where it has stood since 1994.

Ever since the moment Hyperia was topped off, Thorpe Park fans have been ravenous to know more information and see the ride complete its first test run. Thorpe Park even announced the opening date - 24th May 2024 - before the trains had even been delivered to the park.

Now, on 12th April 2024, with less than six weeks until the coaster is set to open to the public, Thorpe Park has unveiled the trains for Hyperia.

Mirroring a sleek sports car-inspired design, the trains for Hyperia are everything fans were hoping to see - especially those lap bars. Predominantly gold with black decals, the trains are smart and modern, and unlike any other coaster train in the country. Even Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which has a similar train design, looks slightly cartoonish in comparison.

Accompanying the train reveal was a short video, released by Thorpe Park social media. Check it out and enjoy what is unnecessarily high production value for a simple roller coaster train reveal.

So, the ride is complete, the trains are on site and the final touches are underway. Surely it now won't be too long until fans get a glimpse of the trains climbing the lift hill for the first time.

In what is set to be the icing on the cake for the UK theme park industry this year (Drayton Manor's new coaster will be the cherry), we're incredibly excited to see just how fast the ride is and how it navigates those insane elements. Hyperia might be on the short side, but hopefully, it makes up for it in thrills.

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