As the Tokyo Disney Resort gears up for the opening of Fantasy Springs on 6th June, 2024, information about what to expect inside the new land has been released. 

Aside from giving us the juicy details about the new rides coming to Fantasy Springs, the Oriental Land Co. shared some more information about the restaurants and snacks coming to the port.

Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Restaurants

The new land (or port, as they are called in Tokyo DisneySea) will feature five dining locations. From snack bars to fun quick-service spots, here’s where you’ll be able to get your foodie fix...

Frozen Kingdom

Fantasy Springs’ Frozen Kingdom will be home to two brilliant new dining spots. Despite its regal name, the Royal Banquet of Arendelle is a large counter-service restaurant set inside Arendelle Castle. 

The interior features several paintings from the scene in the film where the sisters sing “For the First Time in Forever,” while another room, the great hall, is decorated for Elsa’s coronation. 

For a quick snack, Oaken’s OK Foods has got you covered. Run by Oaken, the owner of the sauna and cabin (though more famous as the Yoo-Hoo man), this spot will serve Oaken's Yoo-Hoo Bread. These cardamom and meat rolls are a Scandinavian specialty and come served with a dollop of lingonberry jam.

Rapunzel’s Forest

snuggly duckling tokyo disneysea
The Snuggly Duckling is based on the tavern from the Tangled movie.

Rapunzel’s Forest will be home to The Snuggly Duckling, a huge counter-service restaurant seating 620 people. This is based on the tavern where Rapunzel meets the group of misfits in the movie and will feature multiple dining rooms.

Duckling’s Dream Cheeseburger will be the restaurant’s pièce de résistance, featuring a juicy patty and sausage sandwiched between a yellow duck-colored bun. And, for a sweet treat, guests can tuck into the Sweet Ever After Dessert, which comes served in a frying pan – Rapunzel’s weapon of choice in the movie.

Peter Pan’s Never Land

We don’t like to play favourites, but Lookout Cookout might just be the coolest restaurant in Fantasy Springs. 

Set inside the Lost Boys’ hideout, this is a counter-service restaurant made from parts of a shipwreck that have washed ashore in Neverland. The interior will be decorated with hammocks and pyjamas, in true Lost Boy fashion.

The menu is filled with childhood classics like chicken tenders, seaweed fritters (it’s Tokyo, after all), banana chips, and a Pixie Dust Soda inspired by Tinker Bell's magical pixie dust.

Also in Peter Pan’s Never Land will be a popcorn wagon serving up some of Tokyo DisneySea’s iconic kernels. Guests can enjoy roast beef-flavored popcorn, seasoned with salt and pepper for a British-inspired snack.

These restaurants will open with the new land in summer 2024. Until then, guests can enjoy a sneak preview of the food available during Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs event, starting in April.