Last year, the D23 Expo revealed several new plans for EPCOT, including a long-overdue statue of Walt, set to make its way to the park as part of the upcoming World Celebration. The homage for this monument is aptly named, Dreamer’s Point, and it is located right outside the exit of Spaceship Earth, the second gate’s beloved flagship attraction. But after such a turbulent year filled with an onslaught of budget cuts, layoffs, and scale-backs, can fans really assume that this shrine is still in the works?

In honour of Walt’s birthday, Imagineer Zach Riddley posted the “Artist Concept Only” rendering of Dreamers Point, followed by a status that confirmed that the highly-anticipated memorial is here to stay!

“Today – on Walt Disney’s birthday – we are reminded of his legacy of hope. Walt showed us all the potential we have to dream of a better future and how important and special it is to bring that future to life.
Walt said, “EPCOT will always be in a state of becoming…” and it’s that spirit of potential and possibility that inspires all we are bringing to life in the transformation of EPCOT.

In celebration of today, I hope you’re encouraged to dream big and inspire others as we dream of a better future we can make a reality together.”

I, for one, was smiling mouse ear to mouse ear when I read that there are still plans to have a Walt Disney statue resurrected within EPCOT. After all, the original concept for EPCOT was likely to be his greatest contribution to humanity. Unfortunately, he never had the opportunity to bring his vision to life, as he died of cancer shortly after plans were revealed. Alas, soon Dreamer’s Point will serve as a beacon of hope to those who wish to follow in his footsteps, as they wish upon a star.