After months of anticipation, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is now open for Cast Member (and soon-to-be media) previews. 

This retheme was always going to be controversial; Splash Mountain is an attraction with a complex history and a large, dedicated fan base behind it. However, initial reactions to the new attraction have been positive. 

One element fans have been quick to praise is the new audio-animatronics of Tiana, Louis, Mama Odie, and more. These were revealed by Disney back in April and have fast become the standout feature of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Disney also revealed a host of new original characters for the ride – many of which can be found making music in the ride’s grand Mardi Gras finale.

A Few Hiccups

However, not everything has been as smooth sailing as Disney hoped. During many Imagineering and Cast Member previews, the ride appeared to suffer from plenty of downtime.

While this is fairly normal during a new ride's testing and preview period, it’s a little unusual considering the ride system has not been changed. The attraction even closed early on June 2, with videos circulating on social media of an alarm ringing through the ride. As a result, many Cast Members were forced to reschedule their preview.

Another major point of contention amongst fans is the new signage. While Splash Mountain featured grandiose 3D signs throughout the attraction, some of the (many) signs on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, shown below, are a significant downgrade.

The main attraction sign was unveiled last week, so we swung by to check it out. Our verdict? It’s beautiful, as is the rest of the ride's exterior. As for the rest of the signs, we’ll have to wait until the attraction fully opens to get a better look.

Can’t wait until the official opening date on 28th June? Check out the full ride POV of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The attraction also opens later this year at Disneyland, though the date is yet to be revealed.