Universal Studios Japan has determined to indefinitely postpone the opening of the highly anticipated Super Nintendo World. What’s worse? No new opening date was given for the upcoming groundbreaking theme park marvel.

Super Nintendo World was slated to open in Summer 2020. Despite positive reports on construction, it seems that COVID-19 has set the park back, having forced Japan to restrict entry to international visitors. In addition, the limited capacity set in place to further enforce social distancing yes not helped rescue the princess from the castle.

We have to assume Universal would not premiere this major undertaking of a project while guests and officials cannot travel to Japan from the US.

The $559.5 million dollar expansion will contain an unprecedented and extremely interactive level of immersion through touch-based attractions showcasing the Super Mario characters. The land is also expected to feature a Mario Kart E-ticket, as well as a family-friendly Yoshi attraction.

Read that again… “touch-based” attractions. As fun as they sound, the timing is a bit off. At least, for now.

Naturally, after all the work that Universal Creative has put into this new land, Universal is in no position to open Super Nintendo World without the ability to charge full steam ahead.

Word is that the land could possibly open as early as Fall 2020. However, it is more likely to be pushed to 2021.

We hate to say it… we saw this one coming. Nevertheless, Super Nintendo World is going to be a true game changer, whenever it is ready to open!